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Hama Computertaske

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Hama Computertaske Las Vegas 15,6" Sort

Hama Computertaske Las Vegas 15,6" Sort

In modern times many of us would find ourselves struggling without our computers by our side, whether it is for processing various reports and documents for work or study, following the latest news and trends from across the globe, or simply for keeping in contact with all our old friends and acquaintances through social networking sites. In recent years the portability of computers has become more and more important, highlighted by the growing popularity of laptops and notebooks that have gradually evolved into increasingly slim-line and lightweight designs over time. No-One Does Portability Like Hama When taking your notebook with you on the go you want to know that it will be secure and protected from unnecessary wear and tear or damage. This is where Hama comes in with this versatile Las Vegas Notebook Bag. Made out of hard-wearing nylon material, the ultra trendy toploader, pinstripe design is a world away from the usual ugly, bulky laptop bag designs than can often be more of a burden than an aid, looking much like a bag that you would buy from a fashionable high street store. However, don’t let looks be deceiving, the bag also features a hidden practicality with additional compartments for accessories and documents that you may want to securely transport, in addition to the 15.6” (40cm) display main notebook compartment. These include a large back pocket for documents and a front pocket with pen holder, mobile phone holder and space for business cards Comfortable Transportation Carrying the case on the go will never be an issue with the padded easy-grip handles and adjustable shoulder strap with pad providing you with various transportation options for maximum convenience and comfort suited to your personal preferences and circumstances. No matter if you are in a hurry, you notebook can be slid quickly into the case for you to grab and go or to sling over your shoulder as you run to catch that bus or train! Maksimal skærmstørrelse, kompabilitet: 39,1 cm (1...

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