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Volvik Golfbolde

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Volvik Vivid Golf Balls - Multibuy x 2

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls - Multibuy x 2

The world’s first ever matt finished golf ball, seven vivid colours set this unique ball apart from any other golf ball. Volvik are the most talked about Golf ball on the Pro Tour, Bubba Watson has made a giant leap and changed to Volvik. Bubba has been playing with Volvik balls at the Valspar Open - Arnold Palmer invitational and will use the ball at the 2017 US Masters. The Vivid are the brightest most colourful Golf balls on the market and create a stable consistent ball flight. The Vivid is aimed at Golfers who have slower swing speeds and are seeking longer distances. The Vivid produces a nice soft feel and more consistent short game control. Greater distances can be achieved with more fairways hit and more stable flight trajectories. The Vivid range of colours are Yellow - White - Orange - Green - Blue - Red or Pink, the bright vivid colours promote visibility through the air and on the ground. This vibrant new range of balls is certainly making an impact on the Golfing world; Bubba Watson believes these new balls are the way forward so why wouldn’t we. Volvik the new name in Golf ball technology, bringing a new look to the game of Golf, how long before you give in to temptation and give them a go?

217 kr.
279 kr.inkl. fragt
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Volvik Vivid Christmas Edition Golf Balls x Box of 4

Volvik Vivid Christmas Edition Golf Balls x Box of 4

Volvik vivid Christmas Edition 2017 Golf Balls, box with 4 of the new Volvik vivid Golf Balls deliver incredible visibility and performance confirmed by the first matte finish. This golf ball is designed to help develop players of all levels and swing speeds produce longer load weight with its 3-piece construction and 80 compression. These tennis balls are neon colours improve visibility in the air and on the floor, so that you spend less time looking for your ball. Features: Worlds first Matt Finish Golf Ball extremely bright and stylish colour series stable and flight more consistent distance for slower swing speeds for golfers who more focus and a softer feel consistent and accurate the green target Golf, control of all skills Package Included: 1 pack of 4 balls)

145 kr.
201 kr.inkl. fragt
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Julia Zetterström ·Kategoriansvarlig for Golf
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