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YOUNGBLOOD Eyeshadow Brush

YOUNGBLOOD Eyeshadow Brush

Using uniquely shaped bristles and soft, smooth pony hair, the Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush glides effortlessly across the lids, providing even coverage and gorgeous colour to your already beautiful eyes. Accentuate your look with the perfect eyeshadow brush! Pair the Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush with Youngblood Crushed Mineral Eyeshadow or Youngblood Pressed Individual Eyeshadows and get gorgeous, perfectly made up eyes. Whether you are going for a sleek look that requires precision or for a more subtle, smoky eye, the Youngblood Eyeshadow Brush is exactly what you are looking for. Take the guesswork out of your makeup regimen with quality makeup brushes from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. The Eyeshadow Brush is just one of many brushes in the Youngblood line that help you take your makeup to another level. It s a must have for any makeup tool kit. Materials: Pony hair.

Zest Beauty
125 kr.
166 kr.inkl. fragt
Fashion Soft Horse Hair Eyeshadow Brush

Fashion Soft Horse Hair Eyeshadow Brush


28 kr.

Fragt ukendt

Medium Eyeshadow Brush - No.12

Medium Eyeshadow Brush - No.12

Instructions for use: - Dip the brush into powder or cream eyeshadows - Use to apply a base shade to your lids after priming - Layer with bolder pigments, using the 'Small Eyeshadow Brush No.11' - Made in France

Net A Porter

321 kr.

Fragt ukendt

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