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Bataleon Snowboards

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Bataleon Feelbetter 138 mønster Uni

Bataleon Feelbetter 138 mønster Uni

Why feel good, when you can feel better!We all have a bad day snowboarding from time to time. But the Feelbetter just makes the shitty times less shitty and the fun times more fun. On rails and kickers and even in powder this board with a soft flex and a Freestyle 3BT will make the ladies feel better. Riding Style Rails and boxes of this world, this is where the Feelbetter feels home. But wait, also powder does feel better with this board. Shape A versatile board like the Feelbetter needs the Freestyle 3BT. The nose is 1 cm longer than the tail and the sidecut radius is narrower. This results in more float plus more grip. The new SideKick Tips increase the edge uplift on the widest points of nose and tail for easier turn initiation, more float and better handling in rough terrain. Profile Centerbase and sidebases of the Freestyle 3BT are equally wide and the edge uplift is a bit higher than on Twins. The mellow camber is perfectly dosed for flexible rail riding and poppy enough for hitting kickers. Flex The softest flex in the ladies' freestyle boards is perfect for jibbing the park and slashing pow. It's ultra-flexy and super playful. Construction A poplar wood core is streaked with beech wood along the inserts and sandwiched with bi-axial fiberglass. This means great press and pop properties plus a quick manoeuverability. The extruded Super Slick X base is very durable, fast and requires almost just minimal care. FeaturesFreestyle 3BT + SideKick Tips99 % TwinMellow CamberCore CoreExtruded Super Slick X BaseBi Ax Laminate

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