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  1. Transportabel - Kulgrill

Transportabel - Kulgrill

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Standard Charcoal Barbecue With Fan Grill

Standard Charcoal Barbecue With Fan Grill

Lotusgrill Standard Charcoal Barbecue With Fan Grill - Anthracite Grey/ Blazing Red Award-winning design Quick starting -only 3-4 minutes before you can start cooking. Versatile - use indoors or outdoors Light and portable smokeless cooking. Comes with nylon carry bag and 4 x AA batteries. Product Description The Lotus Grill has many great features that raises it above the rest of the field. One of the most impressive is its ability to let you start cooking within around 4 minutes from setting up. Coupled with its portability this is a BBQ that will enhance any occasion whether you're at home on the beach or just out for a picnic. Great for groups of 2-4 people. The Lotus grill comes in a range of eye-catching colours which will certainly make it stand out at any BBQ. With the grill using charcoal you get a double benefit. With no gas bottle to carry around, it makes this very light and portable and charcoal also gives a better flavour to your food. The Lotus grill uses a bellows effect which is a patented design to force air over the charcoal creating heat quickly and efficiently which has the benefit of bypassing the smoking stage that most other charcoal BBQs go through. This also means that you can start cooking within 3-4 minutes rather than up to 40 minutes with a conventional BBQ. You have total control over the temperature while cooking by adjusting the internal fan which is battery powered so no gas or electricity required. The 4 x AA batteries which are supplied will last approximately 40 - 60 hours of usage. Being double-skinned means that the outer bowl doesn't get hot doing away with the prospect of burning your hands and using an inner bowl means that once you've finished cooking you can just put this and the stainless steel grill into the dishwasher keeping everything looking good for the next time you want to enjoy the Lotus grill. The grill is easy to assemble and the charcoal lights easily and quickly so the whole cooking experience is one of co...

1.065 kr.

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Kulgrill m/El-blæser – incl. bæretaske.

Kulgrill m/El-blæser – incl. bæretaske.

Smart transportabel grill med indbygget El-blæser, og som kan regulere varmen med regulator. Grillen leveres med opbevarings taske, og er let at transportere. Bemærk vægt KUN 3kg. Batterier: 4 x AA 1,5V.

575 kr.

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