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Zyliss Salatslynge

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Zyliss Large Salad Spinner

Zyliss Large Salad Spinner

In order to prepare the best and freshest salad requires the use of a salad spinner. The Salad Spinner from Zyliss can help you to wash, prepare and store your salads. The rotatable cage can double as a colander, allowing you to wash your salad directly under the tap. The spinner is perfect for drying off excessive water and to fluff the salad. Finally the spinner can also be used to store a pre made salad and keep it fresh for days. Key Features Simple pull cord system allows you to spin and prepare your salad in jug one pull. Glide Wheel motion for quicker results. Stop Button abrupt stopping causes the salad to fluff and gives it a more delicious look. Easy Stack flat top allows for easy storage in the fridge to help keep a salad fresher for longer. Durable mechanism for effortless spinning action. Elegant can be used to serve fresh salad at the dining table. Guarantee 5 Years.

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