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Jean Patou Dame Parfumer

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Jean Patou Joy Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml

Jean Patou Joy Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml

Eau de Parfum Spray'Over the course of the large stock exchange crashes 1929, the owners have of Jean Patous customers in Insolvenz transmissions. Designer Fashion has been almost unaffordable. and the disorder was Unabwendbar. Jean Patou created "Joy as a expression of joy and fun to the blues of against depression. Unchanged since 1929, combines this intoxicating fragrance selected flower essences into Never Been Dagewesener concentration. Over 10,000 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses needed to create 30 ml of this deeply your fragrance. Joy starts at the beginning with floral notes of Bulgarian rose, ylang ylang and tuberose. In the heart and in the base which enchants the wearer with exquisite opulent chords of jasmine from Grasse and may rose. Joy 'Trotzte the usual Konventionen and as well women all over the world right up to the present.

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Jean Patou Joy Forever Eau De Parfum Spray 50 ml

Jean Patou Joy Forever Eau De Parfum Spray 50 ml

Eau de Parfum SprayAlso available in a warm summer night's sleep in Capbreton (French, West Coast) was your "He" on the beach at around aimlessly to try to take his mind to. In they Versunken he enrolled a woman, sensual and dreamy with dance the waves. You wirkte Unvernünftig free to do other things Your body just encased in a white silk hint of nothing. This woman's playful, free, female, and this fascinating, offset her thoughts in excitement. To get this moment of Unbefangenen happiness must not be forgotten, it created the fragrance "Joy Forever. The fragrance is a symbol of natural beauty, the woman's uniqueness and your personal time. The crisp mountain moth, mandarin and galbanum give an insight into the Zwanglose World A unique woman. Dance at the same time dreamy and homely with the waves. Rose and jasmine reflect the female form, combined with the scent of orange flowers and peach, makes this fragrance pure seduction and sensuality idea. Cedar and Sandalwood, White Musk and Amber cases schlussendlich your stimulation in a secret and only you has the freedom to reveal it.

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