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Tuga Alu-Teufel Spezial Special Aluminium Rim Cleaner 5 Litre Canister

Tuga Alu-Teufel Spezial Special Aluminium Rim Cleaner 5 Litre Canister

Alu-Teufel special the new special Alu-Teufel is a modern Wheel Rim Cleaning Gel for the easy cleaning of the rims and Radkappen. the Gel adheres very well to the rim and the dirt is very effective angelöst. during the active Reinigungsphase Cleaner and above the reddish-violet (Wirkindikator).: Automatic Cleaning Spray on, allow to work in and with powerful jet abspülen. strongly against brake dust, gently Felge. the aluminium Devil Special is acid-free and thus Particularly suitable for regular brake dust extremely powerful phosphate-free acid cleaning with Child Lock excellent price-performance ratio suitable for use with all rims and for chromium, treble and high-quality wheels) Made in Germany

337 kr.
393 kr.inkl. fragt
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Dr. Wack P21S Rims Cleaner Power Gel

Dr. Wack P21S Rims Cleaner Power Gel

Dr. Wack P21S Wheel Rim Cleaning Gel Power with 50% more content: 21309.78 fl oz (750 ml) lacquered and anodised aluminium and steel rims, and High Gloss- Chrome Rims and highly polished aluminium rays thanks to the Power Gel P21S in a new shine, now with 50% more Inhalt. the P21S Wheel Rim Cleaning Gel Power from Dr. Wack is acid free and can safely be used not only public health, but also the Material such as discs, wheel nuts, varnish etc are protected against acid throwing further advantages of P21S Wheel rim cleaning Power Gels: Removes even the toughest dirt little time (3–5 minutes) very productive and effective Gel formula even greater cleaning fresh scent biodegradable application: for a good enough Sprühbild Spray Screw and Rim einsprühen. after a time of approx. 3–5 minutes thoroughly with a powerful water jet hose Washer fahren. or in the case of excessive pollution or temperatures below 10°C shall be a Einwirkdauer of at least 10 minutes if the recommended necessary cleaning sponge support a phased out in order to avoid the spray should again be zugedreht.

115 kr.
171 kr.inkl. fragt
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P21S Rim Cleaner Power Gel - 5 Litre 12,30 (EUR per litre)

P21S Rim Cleaner Power Gel - 5 Litre 12,30 (EUR per litre)

O. K. Dr. Wack, Wheel Rim Cleaning Gel Power P21–P21–S S the Power Gel ´ S with fresh scent and new formula for cleaning even deeper! Available in 5 Litre Canister to an unbeatably low Literpreis. Perfect in combination with a Druckpumpzerstäuber. removes even stubborn dirt like Extreme brake dust by Sporty Fahrweise. extremely quickly into effect and application (only 3 to 5 minutes) and it is absolutely acid free and does not prejudge the Material does not and is therefore safe for all surfaces for cleaning and is, thanks to the Gel formula very economical and wirkungsvoll. Tip: Aluminium Rims before Einwintern thoroughly cleaned in order to allow the spring of No Evil wake them in Particular by Felgenrückseite has collected as well as brake dust, dirt, which are in layers of lacquer einbrennt causes small openings in the Paint to bright Alu. by moisture is then the so-called'undermined" Kontaktkorrosion Lacquer and nasty stains and there by the dirt will these Mini-holes, which may be incurred, by rockfall verdeckt. After thorough cleaning of these vulnerabilities easy to see and identify and repair and prevent further damage Gebindeart: Plastic Canister, Contents: 5 Litres Quantity: 1

410 kr.
466 kr.inkl. fragt
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