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Sonax Clay 450205 Paint Scrub 200 Grams Cleaning Clay, Blue

Sonax Clay 450205 Paint Scrub 200 Grams Cleaning Clay, Blue

For removing superficial dirt such as tree resin, flight rust, insect residue and tar stains from paint and glass. Cleans without scratching and is particularly handy and ergonomic in use. Extremely durable and easy to clean thanks to the sturdy rubber nub structure. Product Application: Wash vehicle. Spray a suitable cleaning/sliding spray (e.g. Sonax windscreen clear) on the dirty surfaces until a closed liquid film is formed. Sonax clay ball with light pressure in circular movements over the dirt until they are removed. Please note that a sliding film always remains on the surface and the clay ball is not moved on the dry varnish. Wipe the treated areas with a clean soft cloth. The paint surfaces should then be treated and sealed with a polish. To clean, remove the clay pad and wash under running water.

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