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Abus Amparo 485-0 Plug-in kæde til ringlås

Abus Amparo 485-0 Plug-in kæde til ringlås

This hardened steel chain lock by Abus is suitable for the Amparo 4850LH frame locks. You don't need an extra key, as you plug in this lock into the frame lock. The strong nylon cover ensures you don't damage your bike. The 150 cm long chain means you've got enough range to easily secure your bike to a lamppost or fence.

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ABUS Accessories Shield 5650 LH KR, 39695

ABUS Accessories Shield 5650 LH KR, 39695

Recommended for the protection of bikes.Frame Schlös Serdas frame lock is of the lake district and using safety for almost any bike. The practical frame lock is a quick and easy to use protection against unauthorised people use of the wheel. The connection options with accessories such as necklaces or cables means your bicycle is effective against theft protection against all types of weather. In whatever way you desire, the frame locks with removable or not be delivered Removable key when open. Keys: 2 keys included Weight: 600 g Details: – Locking mechanism for easy connection of accessories at lock case – Height: 109 mm – Width: 59 mm – Diameter: 8.5 mm – Extra Large Wheel passage – for the latest NKR can be removed with the key, when the lock opens. It makes you to use as a mounting facility, if buyer does not ask holes at the rear there are, is designed to serve as the tension band LH Adaptor – easy and quick to use Type: Frame Lock Material: Steel Locking Cylinder: ABUS automatic cylinder Security level: 9 Mount: LH – Easy to use with a screwing onto the stays

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