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PURAX Pure Pads – Skin Coloured – 30 pcs.

PURAX Pure Pads – Skin Coloured – 30 pcs.

Secure and discrete protection with PURAX Pure Pads and PURAX Pure Pads were specifically designed to sweat quickly. The WEAR YOUR SUPPORT directly on the skin also ensures maximum liquids by pressing the pad pedal no more sweat made from by the absorbent core and safely included,. Odours And Stains In Clothing to be prevented. Freedom wearing PURAX Pure Pads are breathable, extremely soft and offer a comfortable fit. Thanks to the special shape of can PURAX Pure Pads in place. The absorbent core is made from a strands, soft fleece, the sweat away quickly into the interior of the pad weiterleitet and there safely including. Very comfortable to wear The specially patented fit form the PURAX Pure Pads which perfectly matches the under arm area to absorbing perspiration, Prevents odours and a pleasant feeling of dryness occurs. Tragen Sie PURAX Pure Pads at work, during sport and in your free time for you to always clean and nourished feel. The properties of the adhesive strip make for a reliable hold on the skin. The skin-friendly adhesive border of PURAX Pure Pads offers those with sensitive skin Excellent compatibility. PURAX Pure Pads and deodorants you can dress your deodorant can also be used in combination with PURAX Pure Pads. Carry your deodorant such as used on and let it will, you don't have to PURAX Pure Pads stick. So as to ensure the adhesion of the pads through the deodorant not affect.
140 kr.
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Purax antiperspirant roll on extra strong 50ml

Purax antiperspirant roll on extra strong 50ml

Purax antiperspirant roll on extra strong 50ml
69 kr.
118 kr.inkl. fragt