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Season of Storms : A Novel of the Witcher Now a major Netflix show

Season of Storms : A Novel of the Witcher Now a major Netflix show

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Talisman: Digital Edition - Season Pass DLC

Talisman: Digital Edition - Season Pass DLC

Please note that all of the below DLC items will be available separatelyThis Season Pass contains the following - The Reaper - expansion pack OUT NOW A shadow has fallen across the countryside. Death himself wanders the land. Can the heroes fulfil their epic quests with the spectre of the Grim Reaper hounding their every move?The Reaper expansion adds;4 Characters90 Adventure Cards26 Spell Cards12 Warlock Quest Cardsand the Grim Reaper, a dark figure that players manipulate against each other. Runestone Cards - Complete Deck OUT NOW A complete set of Runestone cards, which give your Talisman characters extra abilities, for use in online and offline game modes.Important note - These Runestone cards can be unlocked through normal game progression.Designed to speed up a game of Talisman, and also make your characters more powerful, Runestones are cards which you can attach to your characters to give them the advantage over their opponents. The Frostmarch - expansion pack OUT NOW A continent of ice dominates the horizon...It is the Frostmarch, brought here across the northern waters by the Ice Queen. Armed with the Crown of Command, she is transforming the realm into a desolate, frozen wasteland.Can you overcome the raging storms and strange creatures that inhabit this bitter land? Will your blood freeze when you behold the Ice Queen?s cold, cruel gaze?The Frostmarch expansion offers 3 Alternative Ending Cards ? including a final climactic battle with the Ice Queen!The Frostmarch expansion adds;4 Characters84 Adventure Cards3 Alternate Endings24 Warlock Quest Cards20 Spell Cards Dungeon - expansion pack OUT NOW The Dungeon adds a new Region to the game for heroes to explore. A new board section and over 100 new cards bring this subterranean realm vividly to life. Five brand-new characters ? the formidable Gladiator, noble Amazon, dashing Swashbuckler, enigmatic Gypsy, and sagacious Philosopher ? offer fantastic new playing experiences.Brave untold dangers, and discov...

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