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Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

This book contains 13 powerful angel messages of healing love and light. Simply reading these messages will help you to open your heart. With a clear mind, and an open heart you will be able to directly connect with the one source energy flowing throughout all that is. You will also be able to connect with your guides and angels. Unconditional love and guidance from the angels is always available to you. At any moment you can clear your mind, take a deep breath, and open your heart to connect with your angels. Once this connection is established, you will feel their unconditional love and you can begin to work with your angels to create the life you desire.Whether you desire spiritual guidance, healing or help attracting more love into your life, your angels are ready to help. No matter if this is your first time connecting with your angels or if you have been working with your angels for years, this book will help you connect with the next steps in your spiritual path. Staying centered, grounded and connected is essential for you to live your inspired life. Melanie helps thousands of people connect with their angels every month. See what others who have connected with Melanie's channeled angel messages are saying: "This is wonderful. I spent my drive into work thanking my guides and Metatron for their presence and encouragement in my life at this time. Thank you, especially, for being a graceful channel Blessings,"-Tiffany "I cannot tell you how much benefit I get from these channelings, they are honestly wonderful beyond description " -Gary "Thank you for the inspired channeling It was Beautiful I feel Great, Exceptionally happy, and as if I have been super energised from within " -Debra "Melanie is a kind and humble soul who clearly and naturally channels Metatron, Uriel, other angels and beings of great light, ready to assist humanity in progress and towards ascension"-Camilla, Sweden "Dear Melanie, what a Godsend to find you There are not the words available...
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