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Daytona m star Motorcykler & Udstyr


Daytona M-Star GTX Motorcycle Boots, Black

Daytona M-Star GTX Motorcycle Boots, Black

The Daytona M-Star GTX Motorcycle Boots have the same specification as the Travel Star Pro GTX, constructed from cow hide, calf adjustment and 3M Scotchlite reflective material. The boots are CE certified and have a 6cm insole.Integrated insole raising the heel position by 6cmWater-resistant cow hideAdjustable Calf ZoneGore-Tex MembraneShinbone and Ankle protection3M Scotchlite heel reflectorsThe Daytona M-Star GTX Motorcycle Boots have been constructed from water resistant cow hide leather, and when combined with the breathable and water tight Gore-Tex membrane and dual showerproof side zips, the boots make an excellent choice for an all-round riding boot. The cow-hide used to construct the boots is strong, hydrophobic and greased. These boots have a higher heel made from cork with a leather cover, and also a high insole to raise the foot a total of 6cm off the floor at the rear. This is a high advantage for each traffic light stop whilst out on a ride, providing the rider with both standing and seated comfort. Inside the boot a textile lining has been used which has been made from 80% polyamide and 30% polyester.The boots have been CE approved, providing peace of mind and reassurance to the rider that they would be protected if an accident was to occur. Anatomic formed robust protection can be found in the ankle, with padding inside which uses open-cell special foam. There is also shin bone protection that is padded with latex foam on the inside. The boots have a plastic reinforced inner sole, with a hot-dip galvanised steel inlay, which allows the rider to gently roll their feet. 3m Scotchlite reflective material has been used on the heel, to provide the rider with improved visibility, and there is also as robust and non-slip rubber touring sole for improved grip on the footrests of the bike.Additional features include calf adjustment with Velcro fastening to make the fit of the boot individual to each rider. The boots have a reinforced gear change pad which h...
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3.481 kr.
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Frey Daytona M STAR Gore-Tex, MC støvler

Frey Daytona M STAR Gore-Tex, MC støvler

Specielle herrestøvler. Levering 3-6 arbejdsdage. + 2,5 cm forhøjet i hælen samt 8 mm i tåen (nemmere at "nå" jorden, giver sikrere støtte ved stop) S…
3.045 kr.inkl. fragt
2.995 kr.


M-Star GTX laarzen

M-Star GTX laarzen

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