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Digital optical audio cable Kabler


Sentivus premium Toslink digital audio cable 4mm, plug to plug, black - 5.00m

Sentivus premium Toslink digital audio cable 4mm, plug to plug, black - 5.00m

SpecificationsToslink - a standardized optical fiber connection system - allows the interconnection between numerous devices such as stereo systems, game consoles or DVD players, to receiver or preamplifier. The Sentivus premium Toslink digital audio lead 4mm constitutes the best solution ensuring excellent transmission quality:- Optical digital audio cable for optical In/Out - (S/PDIF) for transmission of digital multi-channel sound (i.e. DTS, Dolby Digital or surround sound)- Connection: Toslink to Toslink, robust 4mm cable in black- Complete protection from electric or magnetic interference- High-quality materials, carefully processedApplication fieldIf you set a high value on excellent sound quality, you can rely on optical fiber connection systems without any concerns. Compared to conventional audio techniques, optical fiber connection systems have the advantage that ground loops won't occur. Besides, Toslink protects the connections from electric and magnetic interfering frequencies. The audio signal is transmitted without loss and in the best quality. Thus, the Sentivus premium Toslink digital audio cable suits for every device providing a Toslink connection (i.e. stereo systems, game consoles and DVD players in connection with a preamplifier or a receiver). It connects audio units without difficulty.The cable offers a very high and lossless quality. For this, the lead suits excellently for the use with professional devices. The premium Toslink cable from Sentivus is available in different sizes: 0.5m up to 10m of length. An optical cable on this quality level guarantees a brilliant audio transmission. It has two gold-plated plugs and it's easy to handle. You just have to insert the plugs slightly into their ports - they lock immediately.The producer Sentivus is a provider with great expertise in the field of production and sale of high quality cables and adapters.
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