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Life Beyond PCOS

Life Beyond PCOS

PCOS, also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome is one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders in women and is the #1 cause of female infertility in the USA, affecting anywhere between 5 to 10% of women at the age of reproduction. Due to the array of symptoms involved with this disorder, it is also commonly misdiagnosed and treated with medications that sometimes exacerbate the signs of this disease. While there are no known cures, nor any proven explanations of the causes, many studies show that lifestyle changes along with proper diagnosis and treatment can help limit the severity and numerous effects associated with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This workbook & health planner offers you the tools necessary to help alleviate the symptoms and live a normal life Dimensions: 7 x 10" 151 Pages Features Include: Introduction to PCOS with causes, symptoms & complications A list of Tips & Treatment suggestions for women of all ages Body Measurement and image assessment logs Monthly Ovary & Period Trackers Miscellaneous Monthly & Daily Habit Trackers to help identify triggers 2020 Monthly Calendar with areas to log feelings, appointments, and write a monthly overview Daily Exercise, Diet/Food & Hydration logs with an area to write what you ate & how you felt afterward Quarterly Overall Health Assessment Logs 25 Page Blank Health Journal to fill in for Stress Reduction & Self Reflection 30 Page Blank Recipe Book to fill in with meals that help support a healthier lifestyle Macronutrient Recommendations & A Healthy Food Pyramid designed especially for women with PCOS
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Sigil Sketchbook

Sigil Sketchbook

Rise Up Witches Are you ready to learn the ancient craft of SIgil Casting? Sigils are little symbols with big power. They have been used for centuries to help smart witches create the reality they desire. Now you can learn how to create your own spell symbols. Each symbol you create is coded with powerful purpose. There is only one catch: you must create your own sigils. Sigils created by someone or something else just won't work since these glyphs are designed to tap into your subconscious and connect YOU to The Powers That Be of The Universe. Marie Letourneau is a 3rd generation mystical practitioner, specializing in Sigil Crafting and Tarot. In this workbook, she shares a few of the lessons she learned as a child from Grandmer about creating and crating a powerful sigil. This book's primary purpose is to reveal to you the basics of sigil casting and allow you time and space to craft your own magik. Marie encourages you to search out more in-depth information about sigil crafting. This 120 page workbook gives you knowledge and power to: * Connect with the power of your subconscious and link with Universal Powers That Be* Manifest powerful magic that can help you create the life you want* Organize your desires and wishes and create a vehicle to actualize that essence Features: * 6x9 inches; 120 pages; the perfect size to tuck into a bag, purse or backpack* Introductory pages with explanations, instructions, and an example sigil* 115 mostly blank pages for you to craft a strong Intent and then create a suitable list of symbols and sketch the perfect, powerful sigil. Marie plans to offer many more books in the near future including a 2020 Tarot Planner and Daily Draw Tarot Logbooks. Please check back with her frequently for new offerings. She would love to hear how Sigil Crafting has impacted your life and would love for you to share your 5-star review and some stories and pictures of how this little book has changed your destiny.
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