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The Law of Success

The Law of Success

The Law of Success was a precursor to Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. The Law of Success is organized into sixteen original principles, or lessons. All of them are listed below: 1: The Master Mind- Telepathy, ether, vibration, and how it all is the basis for how the world functions. A master mind is the alliance of two minds joining in a harmonious way. The power that is formed from two or more minds coming together is more powerful than one alone. This is strictly for minds who trust each other and are interested in the good success of all parties involved. 2: Your Definite Chief Aim- Do not underestimate the value of this due to its simplicity. You need to set an objective before you can achieve it. Not having a solid aim to focus on can not possibly get you to it. You have to know what you want so that you can start receiving it. 3: Self Confidence- Believe that you are worthy of success and that you can attain it. Without this simple understanding- truly understanding it- you will probably get nowhere with most of your goals. If you are not confident, then you cannot sell yourself in life. 4: The Habit of Saving- Stop trying to get a Cadillac if you feel more comfortable paying for a Ford. You are on the path to easily affording a Cadillac. 5: Initiative and Leadership- Addresses the importance of leadership skills (yes, they can be habituated and you don't have to be a born leader). Here, Hill acknowledges the penalties of leadership. Leaders are not always spoken of sweetly. This should not deter you from becoming a leader. It is only "genius" that attracts the attention of critics. Nobody bothers slandering a person who isn't somewhere near the upper rings of the ladder of success. 6: Imagination- Dream, and use your imagination to help lead you to the attainment of your goals. The making good decisions comes with use, and your intuition will always lead you toward your dream. Dreams and actions are closely related. 7: Enthusiasm- Compels you to act. ...
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Vittoria, 1813

Vittoria, 1813

Despite Wellington's success against Marmont's army at Salamanca in July, the year of 1812 ended in bitter disappointment for the British. After occupying Madrid Wellington's troops were repulsed at Burgos. The subsequent retreat in October and November 1812 was accompanied by all the miseries that had characterised Sir John Moore's famous retreat to Corunna in the winter of 1808-09. Those soldiers who endured both declared that the retreated from Burgos was by far the worse. Discipline collapsed and the starving soldiers looted what they could. With the army once again concentrated around Ciudad Rodrigo, Wellington issued his infamous memorandum concerning the conduct of his officers. By the spring of 1813 the army had recovered and been reinforced from England. On 20 May Wellington advanced once again into Spain. Turning in his saddle he exclaimed, 'Farewell Portugal, for I shall never see thee again'. He would never return. In a series of brilliant manoeuvres he threw the French onto the defensive on all fronts. His troops converged at Vittoria, 90,000 men and 90 guns attacking in 4 mutually supporting columns. Joseph's centre gave way and both his flanks were turned. As Wellington's left column neared the Bayonne road, the French line of communication, Joseph's army broke and fled towards Pamplona. The French lost 7,000 men and 143 guns, while Joseph's treasury of $5 million and huge amounts of loot were taken. Any hopes the French had of maintaining their position in the Peninsular were crushed forever. Napoleon replaced Joseph with Marshal Soult but he could do little. On 7 October 1813 the British crossed the Bidassoa at Funterrabia and set foot on the 'sacred soil' of Napoleon's France. Ian Fletcher details the course of this campaign, the pinnacle of Wellington's achievement in the Peninsular, from the initial invasion in May to the final crushing victory at Vittoria and the advance into France
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