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Ordinary men

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Ordinary Men

Ordinary Men

'A remarkable-and singularly chilling-glimpse of human behavior. . .This meticulously researched book...represents a major contribution to the literature of the Holocaust.'-NewsweekChristopher R. Browning's shocking account of how a unit of average middle-aged Germans became the cold-blooded murderers of tens of thousands of Jews-now with a new afterword and additional photographs.Ordinary Menis the true story of Reserve Police Battalion 101 of the German Order Police, which was responsible for mass shootings as well as round-ups of Jewish people for deportation to Nazi death camps in Poland in 1942. Browning argues that most of the men of RPB 101 were not fanaticalNazis but, rather, ordinary middle-aged, working-class men who committed these atrocities out of a mixture of motives, including the group dynamics of conformity, deference to authority, role adaptation, and the altering of moral norms to justify their actions. Very quickly three groups emerged within the battalion: a core of eager killers, a plurality who carried out their duties reliably but without initiative, and a small minority who evaded participation in the acts of killing without diminishing the murderous efficiency of the battalion whatsoever.While this book discusses a specific Reserve Unit during WWII, the general argument Browning makes is that most people succumb to the pressures of a group setting and commit actions they would never do of their own volition. Ordinary Menis a powerful, chilling, and important work with themes and arguments that continue to resonate today.
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Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning

Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning

Ordinary Men : Paperback : HarperCollins Publishers Inc : 9780062303028 : 0062303023 : 23 Mar 2017 : In the early hours of July 13, 1942, the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101, a unit of the German Order Police, entered the Polish Village of Jozefow. They had arrived in Poland less than three weeks before, most of them recently drafted family men too old for combat service--workers, artisans, salesmen, and clerks. By nightfall, they had rounded up Jozefow's 1,800 Jews, selected several hundred men as "work Jews," and shot the rest--that is, some 1,500 women, children, and old people. Most of these overage, rear-echelon reserve policemen had grown to maturity in the port city of Hamburg in pre-Hitler Germany and were neither committed Nazis nor racial fanatics. Nevertheless, in the sixteen months from the Jozefow massacre to the brutal Erntefest ("harvest festival") slaughter of November 1943, these average men participated in the direct shooting deaths of at least 38,000 Jews and the deportation to Treblinka's gas chambers of 45,000 more--a total body count of 83,000 for a unit of less than 500 men. Drawing on postwar interrogations of 210 former members of the battalion, Christopher Browning lets them speak for themselves about their contribution to the Final Solution--what they did, what they thought, how they rationalized their behavior (one man would shoot only infants and children, to "release" them from their misery). In a sobering conclusion, Browning suggests that these good Germans were acting less out of deference to authority or fear of punishment than from motives as insidious as they are common: careerism and peer pressure. With its unflinching reconstruction of the battalion's murderous record and its painstaking attention to the social background and actions of individual men, this unique account offers some of the most powerful and disturbing evidence to date of the ordinary human capacity for extraordinary inhumanity.

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Ordinary Organisations

Ordinary Organisations

During the Holocaust, 99 percent of all Jewish killings were carried out by members of state organizations. In this groundbreaking book, Stefan K hl offers a new analysis of the integral role that membership in organizations played in facilitating the annihilation of European Jews under the Nazis. Drawing on the well-researched case of the mass killings of Jews by a Hamburg reserve police battalion, K hl shows how ordinary men from ordinary professions were induced to carry out massacres. It may have been that coercion, money, identification with the end goal, the enjoyment of brutality, or the expectations of their comrades impelled the members of the police battalion to join the police units and participate in ghetto liquidations, deportations, and mass shootings. But ultimately, argues K hl, the question of immediate motives, or indeed whether members carried out tasks with enthusiasm or reluctance, is of secondary importance. The crucial factor in explaining what they did was the integration of individuals into an organizational framework that prompted them to perform their roles. This book makes a major contribution to our understanding of the Holocaust by demonstrating the fundamental role played by organizations in persuading ordinary Germans to participate in the annihilation of the Jews. It will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of organizations, violence, and modern German history, as well as for anyone interested in genocide and the Holocaust.
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The Ordinary Mature Skin Kit

The Ordinary Mature Skin Kit

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (30ml)Hyaluronsyre kan trække op til 1000 gange dens vægt til sig i vand. Størrelsen på et HA-molekyle er afgørende for hvor langt ned i huden det når. Formlen indeholder en kombination af hyaluronsyre af såval lav, middel og høj molekylevægt, samt næste generations hyaluronsyre polymerer. Sammen indgår HA-ingredienserne i en koncentration på 2% og kombinationen af dem giver fugt på dybet. Fugtgivningen på hudoverfladen forstærkes yderligere gennem Vitamin B5.påfør nogle dråber over ansigtet morgen og aften før cremer.The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seel Oil (30ml)Denne formel indeholder 100% koldtpresset og økologisk hybenfrøolie. Hybenfrøolie er rig på linolsyre, linolensyre og provitamin A, der alle brydes ved udvinding med varme. Processen at udvinde koldtpresset olie er kompleks, men gør, at man kan bevare oliens egenskaber såsom at mindske tegn på hudens ældende og mange andre hudtilstande.Obs: Produktet leveres i UV-beskyttede forpakning.Vores hybenfrøolie er helt uraffineret og giver en naturlig duft delvist på grund af dens høje omegafedtsyre indhold. Denne duft er ikke en indikation på, at produktet er harskt eller gammelt. Hybenfrøolie som ikke har duft er raffineret, og har dermed ikke samme egenskaber.Påfør en gang om dagen i ansigtet, helst om aftenen efter rens, men før serum og creme.The Ordinary Buffet (30ml)Dette serum kombinerer et omfattende udbud af veldokumenterede teknologier for at behandle flere tegn på hudældende samtidigt.Teknologierne er:li>Matrixyl 3000 peptidkompleks (med palmitoyltetrapeptid-7) Matrixyl Synthe?6-peptidkomplekset (med palmitoyltripeptid-38) Syn-Ake peptidkomplekset (med dipeptiddiaminobutyroylbensylamiddiacetat) Relistase-peptidkompleks (med acetylarginyltryptofyldifenylglycin) Argirelox-peptidkompleks (med acetylhexapeptid-8, pentapeptid-18) Probiotiskt kompleks (med laktokockerlaktislysat), i en base af 11 hudvenlige aminosyrer og flere hyaluronsyrekomplekser. In...
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Ordinary Heroes

Ordinary Heroes

Ordinary Heroes is the first book to focus on the staggering achievements of hundreds of thousands of civilian volunteers and charity workers, the majority of them women, during the First World War, both at home and abroad. It shows what a mass of untried and frequently untrained women and men from all backgrounds achieved through their innovation, adaptability, bravery and dogged commitment. As Lloyd George said, the war could not have been won without them. As the country was swept by patriotic fervour and a belief that it would all be over by Christmas, many women were as keen as the men to get involved. Organisations were all but overwhelmed by the initial tide of volunteers. They rushed to register for overseas service without knowing the devastating reality that would confront them. Others devoted their time to fundraising, collecting salvage, caring for refugees, working in canteens or helping in any other way they could. Conditions, particularly in the Balkans and Russia, were often appalling and yet the volunteers coped with and even relished the challenges. They came under fire, advanced or retreated with their respective armies, evacuated their patients through baking heat, mud or bitter cold, battled epidemics, performed operations by the light of a single candle, worked through the Russian Revolution and joined the Serbian Army on its Great Retreat. Several groups were taken prisoner. Wherever they worked, they were met with respect and gratitude and sometimes incredulity that British people, especially gentlewomen, would help foreigners.
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