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My name at PriceRunner is ThomasF but the name on the driving license is Thomas Fallenstjärna.

I’m in charge of the categories in sound and vision or as I like to see them, categories that make you enjoy music and movies.

I have always loved music, mostly metal but as long as there is a nerve and feeling in the music I will listen to it. Genres are most for music labels anyway. If there is a great recording its awesome but that is just icing on the cake. I have also been a movie buff and horror in particular, but same here, as long as the movie is affecting me, that it will make me feel, scared, sad, angry it has done its purpose.

My path to the perfect sound started with the combined passion for music and movies so I got a home theater around ’95. I tested, upgraded the gear, fixed the acoustic it sounded good for both movies AND music. But then work colleague from a previous job saying that I should come to him and listen to a real stereo. There where tube amplifiers, horn speakers with lowther elements and a vinyl player. Eric Bibb on a thick 180 grams, 45 rpm vinyl, recorded and pressed by Opus Recording. When the pickup was carefully placed on the track and the music started a whole new world opened up to me. The clarity, details and presence in which the music was presented was better than anything I’ve ever heard before. I was blown away.

So said and done, out with the home cinema and in with a stereo.

Borrow, try, evaluate, refurnish, listend, test, refurnish, replace units, listen, evaluate…. Systems and units got replaced with a steadily pace for many years. Starting to miss a home cinema. In with that as well. Two systems for two very specific purposes. Away with the home theater again to focus more on the music and the audiophile experience.

CD-player and a turntable, sells turntable, regrets, buy a turntable, Spotify, Tidal, sells CD-player, buy better vinyl player and a RIAA…. Huge floor speaker, then smaller ones, then active speakers, integrated amplifiers, separate units, pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers… Getting hooked on headphones and how close you get to the music and recording... Headphones, DACs, headphone amplifiers... I think I have tried almost everything….

So after browsing things back and forth for over 25 years and having some systems that I thought preformed extremely well, I feel that I have finally arrived. Bit it is not an end of magnificent splendor in audiophiliac proportion. but it is not a sad end. My journey to the absolute best sound is over for me. I have stepped of the ship and let It sail away without me., But that does not mean I don’t like watching other ships from the distance and sometimes go on a trip.

And now?…

Now I am satisfied with a Marshall Stanmore Multiroom and a Spotify account.

That's why I like working at PriceRunner so much. I can help others on their journey. A trip that may have just begun or is in the middle of it. And it feels very good. Help others through my own experience.


Remember what Mr. Hallorann said. It's just like pictures in a book, Danny. It isn't real.

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