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BK Cookware Cooking pot- set, 4 pieces Conical Deluxe

BK Cookware Cooking pot- set, 4 pieces Conical Deluxe

Set consisting of: cooking pot 20,00 cm, cooking pot 24,00 cm, handle saucepan 16,00 cm, pan 28,00 cm The BK Conical Deluxe line is a complete line which consists of pots and pans, which combines top-quality and energy saving. The glossy body is completely made of 3- ply. 3- ply make it possible that the pot gets very quick warm and that the heat is shared out without local overheating. Because of the shockproof glasslid the cooking-process is without any waste of energy. The glass has the advantage that you can take a look into the pot or the pan without taking away the lid. Like that the heat stays in the pot and you save energy while cooking.Because of the casted handles the heat- resistant handles do not get so fast hot. Like that you have the pots always, while switching over or while pouring,under control. At the inside of the pots theres an exact measuring scale. In this way it is possible to measure liquids without using a measuring cup. The 3- ply construction clo

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