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  1. Juliette Has A Gun Dame Parfumer

Juliette Has A Gun Dame Parfumer

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Juliette has a gun, Not A Perfume femme/women, Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml

Juliette has a gun, Not A Perfume femme/women, Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml

'Juliette Has a Gun not a perfume – Eau de Parfum "I invite you to discover the perfume on your skin, as it can be the secret gelüftet."A Molekühlduft, made from a single element called Cetalox. Cetalox so is usually used as a base notes and play the role. It's a nice way to add elegant creation, due to its unique and unnachahmlich holzigen, nach musk fragrant finesse. Added advantage of this special composition is that it is free of allergens. Your result is minimalist and elegant and pure. Personality for any personality Duftko Mpositio Nholzig, Moschusartig, Ambriertduftcharakteristikminimalistisch, fresh, Reininhaltsstoffecetaloxüber Juliette Has a Gundie Juliette Has a Gun leaning to the "Romeo and Juliet love tragedy" Brand.Juliette, the romantic heroine] made from William Shakespeare's The World Famous Love Tragedy "Romeo and Juliet", is back – determined than ever. And she's not alone: Armed with a Wildromantischen fragrance – your weapon of seduction, will guide you through the streets of the city."Juliette Has a Gun" Charm with modern day and romantic Fragrances based on principles of rose essences – interpreted in a new way and irreplaceable. The precious essence is achieved through distillation Allmorgendlich fresh by hand gepflückten Rose Blossom. A single 100 ml bottle of "Juliette Has a Gun includes the extract from round 500 roses.Watch the curious Rose stands same Sinnbildlich For The Modern Juliette: Wipe clean with the softness of your delicately fragrant blossom one side – and on the other side with its sharp spikes, the

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