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Hohner Student 26 Melodica - Black

Hohner Student 26 Melodica - Black

The Hohner Student 26 melodica is an entry level instrument aimed at children, aged 4 and above, or beginner players who are taking their first steps at learning to play an instrument. Available in Black, the Hohner Student 26 melodica is supplied in a hardcase that matches the colour of the melodica. The versatile moulded hardcase also doubles up for use as a sheet music stand. The Hohner Student 26 melodica is supplied complete with an ergonomically shaped mouthpiece as well as a flexible mouthpiece tube, allowing a wide combination of playing positions. The Hohner Student 26 melodica, as its name suggests, is a 26 key instrument that makes it relatively easy to play, in comparison with melodicas that are manufactured with a higher number of keys. The keys, which are designed and manufactured to deliver a smooth, easy response, provide a tonal range of b-c'''. The Hohner Student 26 melodica is an easy to learn wind instrument that is suitable for solo playing as well as in a group environment, it is also an exceedingly useful instrument to be used in musical education as an introduction to all key instruments and other wind instruments. The Hohner Student 26 melodica was launched in Autumn 2010 and has been a ver popular product, thanks in no small part to its great value for moeny.

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