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Aesop Parfumer

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Aesop Post-Poo Drops 100ml

Aesop Post-Poo Drops 100ml

Deodorise and refresh with the Aesop Post-Poo Drops. This unique and effective product can be used to deliver bathrooms with a beautiful and delicate scent, neutralising any disagreeable smells to restore the bathroom with a pleasant and tangy fragrance. Formulated with a range of botanical essences, the scent is crisp, fresh, refined and entirely inoffensive. The key ingredients include tangerine and mandarin peel to refresh the bathroom with an elegant and clean aroma, along with rich and sensual Ylang Ylang to relax the mind. This simple and useful product wouldn’t look amiss in any bathroom due to the classic, pharmaceutical-style packaging. Aesop is a brand known for simple luxuries for the skin, hair and body, with products that focus on the perfect balance of efficacy and sensual pleasure. Each formula is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and all packaging is designed with sustainability in mind. To use the Post-Poo Drops, simply dispense a few drops of the oil into the toilet bowl after flushing. For an all-round sweet-smelling bathroom, dispense a few drops of oil into the sink to create a more intense aroma.

177 kr.
231 kr.inkl. fragt
Aesop Tacit Perfume (50 ml) - Multi - ONESIZE

Aesop Tacit Perfume (50 ml) - Multi - ONESIZE

Tacit Perfume fra Aesop er en fortolkning af klassiske duftnoter, der forener friske topnoter med delikate og krydrede undertoner. Duften indeholder yuzu, basilikum og vetiver og kan bruges af både kvinder og mænd.Tacit Perfume fra Aesop50 mlPåfør som ønsket på håndled og i nakkeSendes kun til lande i EU

790 kr.
819 kr.inkl. fragt
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