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Petzl Tasker

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Petzl Zipka Classic Headlamp - AW15 - One

Petzl Zipka Classic Headlamp - AW15 - One

The Petzl Classic Headlamp Simple and ultra-compact, the ZIPKA headlamp offers 100 lumen brightness and a wide beam for proximity lighting and some movement. Its self-adjusting retractable cord makes it extremely compact, and offers several ways for wearing or mounting. Its phosphorescent reflector helps you find it in the dark.. Simple hands-free lighting. Lightweight, compact and easy to use the Zipka is part of Petzl's CLASSIC line of headlamps, delivering lighting for everyday uses: camping, recreation, crafting, hiking, running. Design A clean functional ergonomic design, featuring one click operation, and a soft, elasticated easy to adjust strap that tethers the unit comfortably and securely to the head. The Petzl Zipka Classic Headlamp is highly user friendly due to the simplicity of its design and at a mere 68g it's incredibly lightweight. The Zipka also comes equipped with a phosphorescent reflector to assist with locating your torch in the dark. What really sets the Zipka apart from its siblings is its functionality, its compact design has been engineered to ensure maximum versatility. The simple cord strap can be adjusted and tethered to any part of the body, clothing or whatever else you may need lighting. The user friendly build also grants the Zipka its durability. Each product undergoes vigorous testing to ensure quality of strength and reliability. The mechanical strength of headlamps is verified with fall, shock, and crushing tests. These tests are performed twice on the most fragile parts of the six faces of each product: lens, rotator dial. Strength tests consist of the following: Fall tests: headlamps undergo a fall of 2 m, and then 1 m. Shock tests: tested with a weight of 500 g dropped from a 40 cm height Crushing tests: a mass of 80 kg rolls over the lamp Lighting Delivering a steady stream of illumination the Zipka offers 100 Lumen brightness - Lumen being the measurement of light from a visible source - With a wide beam pattern offering max
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